January 2019

Ashley Capital Delivers Stakeholder Satisfaction in Sturtevant

When Ashley invests in a property, we also invest in relationships with the entire real estate community, from tenants to real estate professionals to government, brokers, and the public. We believe that the quality of these relationships impacts a project’s overall performance, which is why we make sure every stakeholder knows how valuable they are to the project’s success. We take the time to understand each concern and balance stakeholder long- and short-term interests with the objectives of the project. By providing honest, clear and frequent communication, and always doing what we promise, we have built strong relationships, as well as a reputation for working collaboratively to achieve success for everyone involved.

Recently, a tenant at one of our Enterprise Business Park buildings in Sturtevant, WI shared their experience:

“Ashley is our partner in keeping our customers satisfied. We are a 3 PL and have a client in a dedicated facility that elected to downsize, thereby requiring us to cut our space in half in an Ashley building. Within a couple of months our client decided they needed the space back, but in the interim, Ashley had leased the space to a third party on a long-term basis.

In response to our changing needs, Ashley worked with the third-party tenant to relocate to another part of the building. This enabled us to reclaim our original space and best serve our client.

In addition, Ashley kept its commitment to the other tenant by delivering their finished space on time through highly skilled construction management.

Most landlords wouldn’t consider our request after signing a lease with another tenant. However, Ashley jumped right in to help. Creative problem solving and thinking “outside the box” is something on which they thrive. They get issues resolved quickly and do what they promise.

Also, as a long-term owner that self manages property, they pay close attention to the state of our building and keep everything in first class condition so we can concentrate on our customers. If a property issue does develop, they diligently work on it until the matter is resolved.

As a sizable 3 PL, we deal with a lot of landlords around the country, and Ashley Capital is definitely “Best in Class”.

  • Jonathon Stanley, Vice President, Brown Integrated Logistics


About Ashley Capital

Ashley Capital, LLC is one of the largest privately owned industrial real estate investment/development firms in the United States. The firm has offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Norfolk and New York. Ashley’s current portfolio is over 27,000,000 square feet. Ashley is a long-term flexible owner that actively manages its properties and pays close attention to the needs of its tenants.

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