About Us

What We Do

Innovative, flexible, disciplined… words that describe our approach to enhancing real estate value. Whether it is building from the ground up or transforming an obsolete warehouse into state-of-the-art distribution space, we pride ourselves on providing innovative, tangible results.

When we acquire a building with a high level of lease rollover, we are flexible in working with the tenants to structure renewals that make sense for both parties. If a corporation is looking to better utilize the real estate assets on its balance sheet, or a financial institution wants to reposition debt in its portfolio, we are ready with a disciplined plan to help the company maximize the value of its holdings.

Ashley Capital focuses on the development of space solutions. We adapt and adjust in order to create value in the real estate we own and manage. The real estate markets are constantly evolving; we have the vision to stay one step ahead of the curve.

Acquire, Develop, Renovate

Founded in 1984, Ashley Capital has become one of the largest privately-held real estate investment companies in the United States. Based in New York, the firm has offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Grand Rapids and Norfolk, VA. Ashley pursues opportunistic investments, creating value by:

  • Acquiring and redeveloping underperforming industrial and office properties
  • Developing and managing new business parks
  • Helping corporations reposition their real estate holdings
  • Advising financial institutions and tax-exempt investors on asset enhancement

Ashley’s current portfolio stands at approximately 25 million SF, with properties concentrated throughout the eastern half of the United States. Over the years, Ashley has taken a long-term perspective in actively managing its holdings and paying close attention to the needs of its tenants. The success of the organization is the result of its strict adherence to investment parameters, its creativity in structuring transactions and the personal involvement of management in all projects.